November 2011 - IBL Symposium – Systems Biology

This year's theme of the IBL symposium is “Systems Biology: from cells to ecosystems”. Holistic systems approaches are being adopted increasingly in biology. But what is that exactly, "Systems Biology"? And do we really need it when we want to understand the complexity of organisms and their interactions? With the help of four invited researchers from the Netherlands and eight scientists of the IBL we want to shed some light on this fascinating but sometimes confusing concept. We will discuss recent applications as well as future directions: from gene regulation to cell signaling, from physiology to ecology.

Programma IBL symposium

IBL Symposium 2011

Systems Biology: From cells to ecosystems


Scientific meeting committee IBL

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Invited speakers are:

Ben van Ommen (TNO): ‘Systems Biology of Health’

André de Roos (University of Amsterdam): ‘Ecosystems Biology: Capture it all or only the essence?’

Thomas Hankemeier (LACDR): Metabolomics-driven Systems Biology in Translational Drug Research

Jaap Kaandorp (University of Amsterdam): ‘Modelling gene regulation and cell-movement in early development of the sea anemone Nematostella vectensis and the scleractinian coral Acropora millepora’

Webcommunication Science - Published: 03 Nov 2011